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Fri, Sep. 8th, 2006, 07:11 pm

I suppose Oswego isn't that bad. I have no roommate and for the time being I like it that way. I just hope that I don't end up with a shitty one, once the time comes. It does tend to get a little lonely sometimes but usually Emily is around to make me feel a little better. I think its pretty surprising how well Em and I get along. I don't think we've hung out this much, EVER. I like it. Hell, if it wasnt for her I probably wouldnt have met anyone in the building. The crew that we hang out with are pretty fun. I can tell there's a good bond that will develop.

Classes are okay, alot of fucking reading. I always get distracted when I read, im supposed to be doing it right now. Work at the dining hall is okay. My car is still messed up, probably for another month. GAY.

I miss everyone pretty bad. Cobleskill. Home. Noah. Things are changing again and It's weird but im doing a better job this time. I'm learning how to toughen up, i need to, im too much of a wuss.

Oh! I've been writing lyrics. They're good. I think Steve and I are going to collaborate which would be fucking awesome because its always something that I've wanted to do and I think that Steve is patient enough to work with me.

I also wrote a list of 100 things I want to do in my lifetime. I decided I'm going to need alot of money to do that.

BE AWARE.. My 21st birthday. 23 days.