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She's got style...

.... and a pretty smile.

(<3) Jess (<3)
1 October 1985
::::::::::: So take it slow, even stop every now and again when I say when.
Here we go on our way to sudden change.
Turn the tables to point the other way.
And I'm dismayed.
And if I stop breathing keep your arms around me. :::::::::
311, a new found glory, acceptance, adelphi, against all authority, air supply, allister, american football, angela delmorte, arab on radar, armor for sleep, armsbendback, arrested development, atreyu, authority zero, avenged sevenfold, beck, bikini kill, blind melon, blood for blood, bloodlet, bob marley, bouncing souls, bright eyes, bush, catch 22, coheed and cambria, cold, counting crows, cursive, dashboard confessional, dave matthews, dead to fall, death by stereo, dexy's midnight runners, digger, dillenger escape plan, dillinger four, divinyls, dropkick murphys, ed gein, fall out boy, falling sickness, farrago, fifteen, finch, finger 11, glassjaw, go west, green day, hed 1st, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, holy molar, homegrown, incubus, jenoah, lagwagon, less than jake, letter kills, level 42, lit, manic street preachers, matchbook romance, maxeen, minus, miracle of 86, missing 23rd mxpx, motion city soundtrack, murder by death, mustard plug, naked eyes, no doubt, nofx, oasis, oxes, pistol grip, poison the well, race bannon, reach the sky, revis, ringworm, rise against, river city rebels, rufio, rusted root, rye coalition, s.t.u.n., samiam, save ferris, scared of chaka, selby tigers, senses fall, seven angels seven plagues, slick shoes, snap case, socratic, soul asylum, spitalfield, stairwell, steel train, story of the year, sublime, taking back sunday, the balckouts, the beautiful mistake, the briggs, the casualties, the cranberries, the early november, the escape engine, the goo goo dolls, the kinks, the locust, the mad caddies, the movie life, the nobody's, the queers, the red hott valentines, the starting line, the used white town, trouble is